30 Stories from Parents and Kids on the Struggle Bus

Parenting— the greatest joy, that everyone loves to complain about. Across the country, parents are learning by doing as they balance the new normal. Fortunately for us, they are documenting their triumphs and failures online.

Whether you are a parent or just have some parents, these 30 posts are guaranteed to make you laugh or at least slightly smile as you scroll and reflect on the challenge that is parenting during a pandemic.

I’m giving this kid a free pass. How could you not nap when school is held on the couch?

This kid is showing some early talent at soccer.

We all feel this way on the inside, buddy.

We love a budding activist. Keep standing up for what you believe in, kid!

We say 10 points for creativity!

Honestly, kudos to her for a very vivid imagination.

It’s not technically wrong.

At least these are removable.

A sweet message but the delivery may have been slightly off.

We appreciate the transparency.

We have a little trickster on our hands.

Again, not technically wrong.

What a good little helper!

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

I think they should put a warning label on that packaging.

So celibacy is sounding really good after this next one.

Cannibalism is not endorsed by this site.

Off to a good start. I would have liked to see the replies.

The truth has been revealed.

They had us in the first half.

Is it ethical? No. Will my baby get into anything less than an ivy league? OVER MY DEAD BODY.

Have they thought about unionizing?

This child knows what he’s about.

Never thought I would see a tiny mask for a tiny human and think awwwww.

He just needs some practice, okay?

For the love of god, STOP THIS MADNESS.

Maybe he knows something we don’t about the effectiveness of wish making methods?

Protect yourself. Pick your battles.

Well, that was disturbingly profound.

If you don’t taste them both, how are you supposed to know which is better?

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