10 Animals That Are Surprisingly Real!

Mother Nature surprises us all the time. You may think you’ve seen all of nature’s oddities, but these animals have such strange, bizarre features that they’ll make you believe in the impossible!

10.) Mangalitsa Pig, or ‘Pig in Sheep’s Clothing’

source: © (с) Elisabeth Eidjord  
source: © wikiwand  

Discovered in the mid-1800s, this adorable, furry animal should’ve become a common pet! Too bad we only got cats, dogs, and goldfish!

9.) Rhinopithecus, the Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

source: © (с) Syril Ruozo  
source: © (с) Syril Ruozo  

Aww! Look at that adorable fur!

8.) Emperor Tamarin

source: © brazilvibe  

This animal’s name is so fitting! Those moustaches sure make them look like old Chinese Emperors!

7.) Patagonian Mara

source: © econews  
source: © goodnewsanimal  

This kangaroo-hare cross is so adorable! Look at that cute baby with his momma!

6.) Fluffy Cow

source: © toolito 
source: © livejournal  

I wish my stuffed toys looked like this as a kid. Don’t you agree?

5.) Markhor Goat

source: © (с) Klaus Rudloff  

This Pakistani goat could pick up some alien tunes from a space radio station with those horns!

4.) Raccoon Dog

source: © youtube  

Imagine this thing as a pet! Can you imagine a half raccoon, half dog curled up in your dog’s favorite spot?!?

3.) Blue Footed Booby

source: © wallpampers  

With those turquoise legs, these birds are sure to catch attention! They’re also well known for their unique mating rituals.

2.) Malayan Congo

source: © epochtimes  

Based on that expression, this animal is surprised by everything it sees. But it’s no surprise, given the visual range they must have. Just look at those huge eyes!

1.) Venezuelan Poodle Moth

source: © (с) Igor Siwanowicz  

Discovered in 2009, this insect’s striking resemblance to a big, fluffy poodle is uncanny!

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