Bug Flies into Child’s Eye and Stays There

Kris Monk was having a normal day with his family when his daughter felt a bug hit her in the eye. He checked her eye, but their was no sign of anything alarming aside from a small mark. They carried on with their day, unaware of what was about to happen.

After checking her eye one last time, Kris went to bed. His daughter woke him up at 1:30 AM. Something was wrong. “There was some redness and a small lump above her tear duct, checking under her eyelid revealed a black thing that was moving around,” he said.

Immediately, he took her to the emergency room. Not longer after, the nightmarish black object made its debut. In a rush of pus, the bug flew out of Kris’s daughter’s eye.

One of the ER doctors deduced that after the bug hit the child in the eye, it had become lodged under her eyelid. It tried to save itself by crawling behind her eye, looking for an exit. Unfortunately for both parties, it went the wrong way. 9 hours later, the bug suffocated, and the child’s body was able to expel it naturally. Thankfully, there were no signs of any damage to her eye.

In his bio, Kris describes himself as a “Parent of 7 living in rural Missouri.” He’s probably more used to shenanigans like this than the rest of us.

Kris joked in his facebook post, “The game of the night was “I spy with my buggy eye…Nightmare fuel.. I think I might write a book..”

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