You Won’t Believe Her Response To The Crocodile Outside

For some of us, a crocodile visiting outside their back door would seem like the worst nightmare you could imagine.

But when an enormous river monster decides to pay Vicki Lowing a visit at her door, Vicki’s response is not what you would expect. She has insisted that this is a “domesticated” crocodile and thus it is completely safe for her to feed it. As you can see, she did not show any qualms about feeding it by hand with only a short pair of tongs.

Our team here did some research, and confirmed that this is Vicki’s pet crocodile that she has named Jilfia. Jilfia and Vicki live in Australia so while it seems insane to have a house crocodile, you have to wonder that maybe that’s not the scariest or most dangerous animal she could be keeping as a pet.

We hope Vicki will show us more videos of Jilfia, and hope Vicki, and everyone stay safe when it comes to the local animals and wildlife.

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