10 Ways To Make Everyone Hate You

There’s a lot of guides out there for making new connections, healthier relationships and better friends, but what if you want the world to despise you? Here’s 10 easy ways to become one of the most loathed and hated people on the Earth.

  1. Charge for Coffee Shop Wifi
    Photo Credit: /u/dak0tah

    Free wifi has been an almost universal staple of cafés, but this one decided to charge the outrageous charge of 55 dollars for a month of internet. A+ method of making your customer base despise you.

  2. Put a Poor Child in “Lunch Isolation”
    Photo Credit: /u/splatterhead

    This school’s policy is to keep the child of parents who can’t pay lunch bills in “Lunch Detention”, away from their friends and with only a bare minimum to eat. Unjustly punishing kids who belong to struggling families isn’t great for a school’s image.

  3. Offer this Candy Bowl At Your Next Party
    Photo Credit: sooziq.com

    In the list of items that should never be mixed, Skittles and M&M’s are in the top tier. It’s a surefire way to anger your guests and ruin two delicious candies.

  4. Leave Your Extra Shopping on the Shelves
    Photo Credit: /u/noneofyourbiness

    Walking back to the produce aisle can be tough. Next time you find yourself with extra items in your cart, just place them wherever you want and make someone else do it. Being lazy and being despised go hand in hand.

  5. Integrate Horrible Design into Your Projects
    Photo Credit: sooziq.com

    The world is boring when it makes sense.

  6. Make Your Own Pizza Slices
    Photo Credit: sooziq.com

    If your friends are crust lovers, substitute this method with carving off the entire crust and slowly slurping it like a spaghetti noodle.

  7. Graffiti Over Important Signs
    Photo Credit: /u/Coffspring

    Bonus points if the sign warns about dangerous animals in the area.

  8. Deny People Cold Water
    Photo Credit: /u/Notknow-knotnow

    Lukewarm should be good enough for anyone.

  9. Show Your Friends This Gif
    Credit: /u/mrellio

    So close, yet so far. If you want to push harder, make sure you follow it up with requests to help out your Facebook and mobile games. Gotta get those extra lives!

  10. Be This Person
    Photo Credit: /u/MatthewMSnider

    We’ve all seen him, but to be truly hated, you must become him.

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