This Man Sneaks Into The Fukushima Red Exclusion Zone, You Won’t Believe What He Finds

When this young tourist wanted to visit the radioactive Fukushima Exclusion Zone, he was told he needed a special permit that would be difficult to receive. To avoid the trouble, he snuck in through the woods and brought back these incredible photos.

Here he stands in an abandoned grocery store, equipped with a gas mask to avoid the highly radioactive dust. The sandals and shorts might not provide the same protection.

Here’s another image of the same grocery store. What isn’t shown is the clear signs of wildlife that moved in to snack on the abandoned food.

Unlike Chernobyl, this area of Japan hasn’t been looted or robbed, so many of the stores, like this Video Rental look almost exactly like they did in March 2011, when the area was evacuated.

Even the laundromats were still filled with clothing. The evacuation was so immediate that local residents couldn’t even take their clothes out of the dryer.

Here he stands in front of a ruined house, likely brought down in the earthquake. The area here is less toxic, so he’s taken off the full gas mask.

The eerie atmosphere of this abandoned town can be felt even through still photos like these. Plants growth has begun to overtake abandoned lots and cracks in the asphalt.

While some areas look completely pristine.

Others clearly show the effects of the earthquake.

Here he stands in a florist shop, filled with rotting plants.

Though what he did was illegal and probably dangerous, it must be said that these photos are an incredible opportunity to see a hidden part of the world. I hope you enjoyed this insight into the Fukushima Red Exclusion Zone.

See the full album here.

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