The 10 Worst Car Fails (You’ll Love #7)

  1. Oil changes are important. 

    This Audi TT’s engine survived 84,000 miles without an oil change, although I don’t know if “survived” really applies here.
  2. An explosion waiting to happen

    I’m impressed he even got close enough to take this photo.
  3. For the forgetful shopper

    If only there was another way to keep a list for shopping.
  4. 90 Degrees makes a lot of difference

    Why would you do this?
  5. The dedication
    I’m both terrified and impressed.
  6. This battery placement

    For when your car’s power can’t be contained.
  7. The greatest boot liner

    This car runs on nostalgia, not gas.
  8. Foam and spray paint

    It covers the dent and makes a loud statement.
  9. Two doors

    For double the security.
  10. And the classic DIY fail

    Ingenious and a complete mess.

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